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Unseen Forces

A series of 10 time lapse videos by Romy Randev with original music by Alam Khan. These videos show the movement of air, water and light across a variety of landscapes in the San Francisco Bay Area set to ambient soundscapes.

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Alam Khan, son of the legendary late maestro of Sarode, Ali Akbar Khan, is a Sarodist, Composer, and Producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since his initial training into the Maihar Seni Gharana (a classical tradition from India dating back to the 16th century) at the age of seven, Alam was blessed to learn and live under his esteemed father's careful crafting and guidance. Accompanying his father from 1996 to 2006, Alam established himself internationally as the face of a new generation of Sarode players, and has performed alongside many of the finest Indian musicians of our time. His collaborations with both traditional and contemporary artists of varying genres has set him apart as a visionary and progressive artist and composer.  More at:

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Romy Randev is an independent filmmaker and digital content producer based in Canada. His work has been shown on PBS, Starz TV and at numerous film festivals across the United States. This is his first NFT collection.

Unseen Forces - NFT Collection

Clouds 1

Clouds 2

Clouds 3

Clouds 4

Clouds 5

Clouds 6

Fog 1

Fog 2

Fog 3


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